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Safe Harbor
I climbed the solemn slabs of stone
Ascending toward the marble throne
The mantle of the sky hung low
A muffling cloak of silence
With measured metronomic step
I rose up to the temple lip
To gaze upon magnificence
On majesty and greatness
Inside the hallowed sacred chamber
I stood, like those of countless number
Contemplative, listening
To distant noble echoes
Staring upward, awed with wonder
I heard a sound, a gentle flutter
And soft unholy mocking cry
Intruding on perfection
When the culprit there I spied
My eyes, astonished, opened wide
"What blasphemy!" I nearly cried
What insolence! What madness!
There beneath the words engraven
A demon perched in newfound haven
A thoughtless cruel and heartless heathen
Desecrating history
And yet our leader, unperturbed
Sat still and uttered not a word
Gave refuge to a tiny bird
Who'd never known his name
After long reflective thought
My anger died, at last went out
I understood just what had
Played so clearly out before me
Even dead a hundred years
A kindly heart can persevere
Give home to beast, give calm to fears
Give hope to men forever

Rising Sun

by BooHa

The Message
Toward the people sleeping
In silent shades of dawn
Came the message riding
Steel hooves thund'ring on
Into minds just waking
Driven hard and deep
The message was delivered
For their souls to keep
Into living tablets
Of flesh and blood and bone
They hacked and hewed the message
Of blood, and steel, and stone
Through the people screaming
The messengers sang out
A song of everlasting
A reverberating shout
From the people dying
Falling to the ground
The word rode into daybreak
To spread its glorious sound
From the bodies lying
In the red of dawn
Came the message riding
The word to carry on
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